Celtic Soul Journeys

Seabhean Practitioners

Seabhean Practitioners

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Seabhean Practitioners

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‘‘I have been facilitating Pilgrimages since 1995 and it’s always been a magical, sacred and playful experience. We come together as women and through the experiences we move on as Sisters, changed and awakened.

The Pilgrimage is often a respite from the women’s daily lives, and we have to honour those needs for relaxation, play and, of course, there is always time for retail therapy!”



“Every pilgrimage needs an Amantha.”


“What a journey! It was so life changing. I send you all my love, until we meet again.”


“Dearest Sweet Amantha, From the depths of my heart and soul – thank you for the adventure, soul healing and sisterhood. One hundred thousand blessings to you and all your relations.”


“Amantha Murphy has walked beside me on my healing journey. Her teachings have brought me back to myself. Through the way of the Seabhean, I have chosen to live each day consciously…

To live my best life…
To honor those who came before me…
To stand in my own power…
To be present…
To honor our great Mother Earth and all beings upon her. Seen and unseen…
Thank you Amantha for your life’s work.
For it is as precious to me as breathing.
In love and gratitude”
Karin DiPiero, MS, NHA

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