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Presented by Amantha Murphy, Celtic Soul Journeys offers a variety of workshops, guided tours, and personalized private sessions designed introduce you to the power of the Goddess and Celtic myth, to show you the beauty of Ireland, and to reunite you with your soul’s intention in order to find your life’s path. Whether you wish to discover Ireland through the eyes of the ancients, or to reawaken the Spirit in you that connects all living things, Amantha will guide you on your journey to a more fulfilling life.

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Handfasting at the Grange Stone Circle


A Sacred Pilgrimage Upon the Land of the Maiden, Mother & Cailleach

12th July – 22nd July, 2020

View Itinerary: A Sacred Pilgrimage Upon the Land, July 2020


2020  Itinerary
View Itinerary: 2020 Itinerary

I must tell you that I woke up today with a sense of purpose and connection to my life that I have never felt before. As I said yesterday, the reading told me so much that I knew already, but was not willing to allow myself to believe. I feel validated and driven. Alive and fully engaged. I cannot wait to see how all of this unfolds. I feel as though I have crossed a bridge within myself and I can really start moving forward with my purpose in life. It is as if you are lighting little candles all over the world, creating a beautiful light, that some day, may be bright enough to illuminate the darkness on this planet.

Ragan Wren

Amantha Murphy took us on a magical mystery tour of Ireland. If you want to experience the divine feminine soul of this country, I highly recommend you take a Celtic Soul Journey with her. She is a healer, seer, storyteller and wise woman whose heart is as big and wild as the Irish Sea. Amantha is a Seabhean (Celtic shaman or “Yes Woman”) whose wisdom, insight and generosity helped make our inner and outer journeys deep and memorable.

Stephanie Ladd

Sadly, 5 years ago my daughter was killed in a car accident. A few months later I had the opportunity to begin the Apprenticeship classes. I was so fortunate to have access to these teachings as I have been finding my way through this most difficult time. Amantha and the Way of the Seabhean have been truly goddess sent for me. Amantha is gifted, authentic, genuine, and loving, the most amazing woman and teacher. And together with these traditional teachings firmly grounded in the feminine, I have found healing, great solace and peace even through this time of my greatest struggle. I look forward now to sharing this knowledge with other women, helping them to find there way along this path of truth, love, and healing.

Dani Shipley

Amantha’s work is universal; it empowers women of all creeds, traditions, and nationalities. Her teachings give a transmission of the spirit of womankind before the ravages of the patriarchy.

After her training, I now embody a grounding of intuitive knowing which allows me to express my true nature with confidence and passion. I am a creative, loving modern woman enlivened by ancient mysteries.

Amantha’s clairvoyant skill gives her perceptive, accurate insight to know what each person needs in the moment which creates an immediate atmosphere of trust and safety, within each individual and within our group.

Having worked and trained with Amantha for over 10 years, I now embody a deep knowing of my roots, my ancestors, and a connection with the otherworld that has enriched my life beyond words.

During the training, ancient wisdom is palpable in Amantha’s presence, activating a deepening perception in all of us which, over time, has naturally become integrated in my own work as a teacher and a healer.

Aine Brosnan

Before I started working with Amantha, I felt stuck. My flow of creativity had stopped; I’d experienced Artist’s Block for so many years that I wondered if I’d ever create again. Internally, my attention wandered aimlessly; I was looking for something but didn’t know what.

During my training with Amantha, I learned to relax enough to meditate and journey. I learned the tools and skills to seek answers within myself to issues or problems that I ‘d been ‘stuck’ in. This was so empowering because growing up female, I was led to believe that ‘someone’ else (usually a male authority) had the power to resolve issues—and I was totally incapable of it. Even just accepting the fact that I was capable of this was huge for me and quite refreshing.

Amantha’s Teachings have led me on a journey of walking a more truthful, honest path. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an easier one. However I have to admit that I have gained enriching life experiences as a result. Trusting and connecting with myself brings me to a place where I now connect with Nature and the energies and stories of the land (the deities, fairies and nature spirits, etc).

As an artist I now am able to make the invisible visible through the medium of oil paint on canvas, pencil and charcoal on paper. I’m delighted at the rebirth of my creativity. I’m grateful also for a renewal of fulfillment and peace within.


Amantha’s Murphy’s teachings have completely changed my life—and my outlook on life. Amantha teaches from the most beautiful heart space I have ever experienced.

We are all called to this work for different reasons and the healing I received has been deep and profound. In Amantha’s trainings, we are fully seen and heard by our circle sisters; this recognition has created a profound healing within. The women I trained with are now my sisters; we are there for each other in times of life’s crisis’s.

I’m now living my life embodying the Sacred Feminine. Daily, I feel held by the Mother, our Earth and all Her faces: Tlagchta, Calli, Bridget, Macha.

Amantha shares Life’s teachings with kindness, truth and harmlessness.

Margot Boerman

Amantha’s Personal Event 2020

A Sacred Pilgrimage Upon the Land of the Maiden, Mother & Cailleach

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A Sacred Pilgrimage Upon the Land, July 2020


In a series of trance-medium sessions, from 1984 to 1993, Amantha Murphy ‘channelled’ a number of energies whose message is relevant and inspirational for where we are and how we need to move forward today. A hand-book for the Spiritual student. Buy it on Amazon.

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