Rites of Passage

It is Celebration of Union/Hand Fasting/Marriage and also ‘Celebration of Life’ ( which is our alternative to a funeral)

Amantha facilitates personal rites of passage as well as workshops for those who would like to share a sacred space with others of like minds.

As a group, you will discover a sense of family and find that indeed you are not alone. You reclaim yourself.

Some of the Rites of Passage include:

-Blessing Ways



-First Blood

-Celebrations of Unions

-Separation Ritual

-Medicine Time

-Last Blood

-Welcoming our Crone

-Facing our Deaths

Please contact Amantha for further information and to book your ceremony.


As of 2016, Amantha has become a legal spiritual celebrant, able to perform marriages, celebrations of life, and more. Please visit http://spiritualceremonies.ie/about-us/ for more information about these offerings.

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