2020 Events

3rd Level Apprentices in Ireland – 24th – 26th January, 6th – 8th March, 4th & 5th July & 10th & 11th October


March 28th & 29th - Shamanic Priestessing in Lowell, Michigan – Contact Denise: denise@denisefrancisco.com - View Workshop Write-up: Shamanic Priestessing

2nd – 7th April – On-going Apprentices in Michigan

11th April Shamanic Priestessing in Madison, Wisconsin – Contact Lynnie: lynnblevy@chorus.net - View Workshop Write-up: Shamanic Priestessing

17th – 19th April - Introduction to Ancient Irish Teachings.  At the Golden Light Healing Center, Near Green Bay, Wisconsin – Contact Amy:  info@goldenlighthealing.net    View Workshop Write-up: Ancient Irish Celtic Shamanism with Amantha Murphy from Ireland 


3rd – 13th May - Bealtaine Pilgrimage - Especially for womyn who have some Shamanic Training.FULL

31st May – 10th June - Sacred Journey with Terri O’Hara, Animal Communicator and Myself. Terri’s webpage: https://www.animalwize.com/ View Sacred Journey Write-up: https://www.animalwize.com/retreats/

19th June – 1st July - Shamanic Priestessing Sacred Journey, Organized by Melody: melody.lebaron@gmail.com

12th July – 22nd July - A Sacred Pilgrimage Upon the Land of the Maiden, Mother & Cailleach. Contact Amantha: murphy.amantha@gmail.com - View Sacred Pilgrimage Write-up: A Sacred Pilgrimage Upon the Land, July 2020

27th Sept – 6th Oct – Journeying Upon the Land Of Eiru – with Denise King Francisco and Amantha Murphy. Contact Denise: denise@denisefrancisco.com


5th – 16th Sept B.C. Apprentices in IrelandLevel 3

21st Oct – 1st November – East Coast Apprentices in Ireland for Walking the Spiral

November - New Apprentice Group starting in the USA – Dates and Venue to be confirmed.