The Power of the Pilgrimage


The most valuable part of my life-changing pilgrimage to Ireland with Amantha Murphy was her very powerful subtle work: the Clearing and the Attunments.

The Clearing
On Day 2 of our pilgrimage, Amantha gifted each of us with an individual Clearing, which felt to me like a gentle, cleansing vacuuming of my body and energy field, releasing everything blocking my capacity to connect to the land and the ancient sacred sites.  Earlier that day, an issue with my roommate—who was and is a very dear friend—had provoked my most painful wound from the past.  Knowing nothing about that, during my Clearing, Amantha offered counsel and love that, as our pilgrimage proceeded, sunk deeply into my heart and created space for compassion—for myself and everyone else involved in my story.
I realized that this painful wound—which my mother and both of my grandmothers had also carried—had risen to the surface of my consciousness in the land of my ancestors, to be integrated and healed.  So I released the shame I felt (“After all the work I’ve done, am I never going to be done with this issue?”) and the blame (“Why did [my beloved roommate] have to say/do that?”).  I allowed myself to trust divine timing, and to trust that I was right where I was supposed to be to receive the healing necessary to integrate my own wound, my own story.
The Attunments
Each day of the pilgrimage, at each sacred site, Amantha gathered us in circle and, as she shared the wisdom teachings for that site, she energetically gathered and directed the threads of our attention to the land, to the sacred site, to the mysteries of the ancient ones.  So that when we actually arrived at each sacred location, we were already physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually attuned, woven in, to the power of that ancient site.
Over and over again, during the pilgrimage, as I stepped inside each ancient stone circle or passage tomb, as I knelt at each sacred well, my heart and my third eye opened and powerful frequencies poured in to my body.  I felt connected to all the women before me, through the ages, who knelt and stood in those holy places.  I felt the transmission of power flowing freely into my body, mind, and heart.
How did the Pilgrimage with Amantha Murphy change my life?
Quite simply: after 17 years of study and practice of ancient and modern sacred teachings, my pilgrimage with Amantha Murphy was my coming-of-age as a Wise Woman, my coming-into-my-power as a Teacher.  Finally, I no longer compare myself to others.  Finally, I am confident—in myself and my work.  As a result, my work has become more powerful.  I am manifesting what I prefer with more ease.  Each day, I wake knowing that the power of the ancient ones is with me.  My passion and purpose is to fuel the flame of that sacred power in other women.
-Melody LeBaron, client
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