Celtic Shaman Apprenticeship

Celtic Shaman Apprenticeship

March 24-31, 2017

Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Amantha Murphy, a Seabhean (Sha-bon), an Irish word meaning “Yes Woman” or “She who crosses the path between the worlds,” is offering a one-week apprenticeship in Celtic Shamanism for women who want to learn this tradition and bring it to their own work in the world, either individually, professionally, or both.

The apprenticeship training will delve into…

The Weave of the World… Lower world: Exploring ancestors, roots, patterns, etc; Middle world: Creating, our personal myths, elements and elemental, stone/crystal & tree connections; Betwixt and Between; Upper world: Accessing spiritual guides & helpers, angelics.
Shamanic journeying to our teachers and animal helpers
Healing, Cutting the ties and Soul retrieval, Weaving the web
Soul Midwifery and becoming the psychopomp
Trance Dance using sound, movement, and silence
Walking the Spiral and navigating our Soul’s path in this reality
The Celtic Wheel and the Goddess Deities that hold the 8 points upon the Wheel

Womyn’s Mysteries: Honoring our Stories, Holding Sacred Space, Accessing our Womb’s Creative force, Finding our Soul Sound, Rites of Passage, Ritual and Ceremony, expanding our Chalice of Grace, Passion and Power

The Womyn’s path is nurturing the Spirit, feeding the Soul and creating, in light, in joy, through the womb/chalice/container, sacredness and resonance with the Earth’s longing. It is allowing ourselves to be all we are meant to be in the wholeness of our multifaceted Feminine Being.

By the end of the week you will be ready to use many of these tools in your life and your work.

The week of apprentice training will help you…

  • Bring Balance to your Weave and therefore bring balance to those around you as well as to the Great Weave of Our Mother Earth
  • Give you tools to reside in the place of the witness rather than the reflective/projected and reactive person
  • Keep your body in balance through your daily practice 
  • Recognize what is ‘feeding you’ and what is ‘taking from you,’ i.e., what belongs to you and what belongs to others
  • Know what patterns you carry – seeing yourself in the mirror with deep compassion and objectivity
  • Embrace and integrate your Shadow side
  • Have an understanding of the ‘other lives’ of you and being open to integrating those lives while releasing unhealthy aspects
  • Have confidence in ‘Cutting the Ties’ and doing ‘Soul Retrieval’ for yourself and others
  • Be able to Journey to the 3 worlds for answers
  • Be more authentic and true to yourself
  • Work with the Celtic Wheel
  • Work with Rituals, Ceremonies and Rites of Passage for yourselves and with/for others 
  • Become a soul midwife as part of the living fabric of ‘Midwifing the Earth’ 

The Celtic Soul Journey Apprentice Training will take place at the beautiful seaside Trinity Centerin Pine Knoll Shores on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Check-in at the Trinity Center is between 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. on Friday, March 24. We would open the circle after dinner on Friday evening and close the circle on the following Friday morning, March 31, and leave after lunch.

The cost for the one-week apprenticeship training, including guest room lodging and all meals is calculated to be $2,100 for 10 participants, single occupancy; $1,950 for shared rooms (2 twin beds). If there are more participants the price will go down and you will be notified when the final balance is due.

If you are interested, please email me right away: stephanie@saladd.com so I can provide you with further details and where to send your $600 deposit, due by October 10, 2016.

Click on this link to learn more about Amantha Murphy and her Celtic Soul Journey offerings both in Ireland and in the U.S.



Stephanie Anderson Ladd

(661) 713-2951

Amantha Murphy

Click here to listen to interviews with her on: Goddess Alive Radio.

Note from Amantha: “Don’t Take It Personally” – As we go/grow into the training, we will work on any difficulties– emotional, physical, ancestral (ties that bind)–being held and carried, as it is important to recognize that anything you are carrying, especially that which is unbeknownst to you is reflected in your journeys, either the journeys for yourself or the journeys for others. Any such clearings will benefit the clarity and depth of your work, allowing you the opportunity to move more freely amidst the worlds. One doesn’t have to clear all you have chosen to carry, soul-wise, consciously or unconsciously, yet it does assist you considerably, to recognize what you do carry as you journey. Knowing oneself is powerful always, and kindness to oneself is a gifted acknowledgment of our chosen soul contracts – with others and with self/Self.

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