Sacred Goddess Journey

To walk in pilgrimage. To hear the call and our soul’s response. To walk awhile in consciousness. To move into a place of union with the Divine. To fill the ache that lies within.  An ancient calling that goes beyond time and space.

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Our tradition here is rich in ancient Goddesses – Briget, Mabd, Aine, Anu, and Tailta, to name a few. Their natures and stories interweave within us, bringing us to a place-space within to integrate all that we are and all that we are meant to be as vibrant, powerful, passionate, wild and grace-filled women. Our land here in Eiru is held by these Goddesses, and as we journey ever onwards Her landscape becomes our inner landscape of Self.

‘She calls to us and we answer’.

On these unique Sacred Journeys we respond to the call of the Goddess, the land, and our very natures, for the Great Mother is calling you home– calling to a space within where we can rest awhile, knowing we are being held and fed, loved and cared for, filling us as we drink from the chalice.

This is a journey of connecting to the presence of the Goddess, within the land and within you. So let us delve deep and flow ever outwards as we embrace the Divine Feminine.

We start our journey in ceremony, calling upon the Great Goddess to guide us as we move ever gently onwards and inwards allowing the flow of Her nature to carry us forward in honour to Her sacred body. As part of our journey upon the Way, we will gather the threads and weave ourselves whole: as powerful and light-filled Souls. We will sing and chant, we will dance and move. There will be times when we will hold the silence and bear witness. For we come together to hear the pulse of Her nature and the beat of Her Heart through the inner and outer landscapes of Herself/ourselves.

Let us journey together as Sisters, as Family, and as Priestesses.

 Sample Tour Itinerary

Each Sacred Goddess Journey with Amantha is unique.  The locations and areas are subject to change.  The following Tour listing is the most recent past event so that you may get a feel for the Tour, but does not represent an upcoming event.  Please make sure that you have signed up for Amantha’s email list in order to be notified of the next Sacred Goddess Journey!

Please note – these tours are for Women only.  Thank you!

Day 1. Airport Pickup and Cave of the Cats
In honour of Maebh – Rathcroghen & Oweynagat, Cave of the Cats
We begin our journey by travelling upland to the place of the Goddess, Queen Maebh/Maeve. We journey first to the interpretive centre, where myth and story blend and mingle. On then to the Raths of Rathcroghan where the concerts of Maebh, who through lying with Maebh at Bealtaine, became the Head Chieftains of the land, are buried. It was here that Maebh, one of our Great Earth Goddesses lived and our greatest epic tale, ‘the Tain’ began. We will descend into the Samhain ‘Cave of the Cats’ to connect with our ancestors. We will visit Ogulla, the sacred well of Ethna and Fidelma, the two druidic princesses who died here at the hands of Patrick. This area is overlayed in ritual and magic.  We then move on to Ballaghboy Lodge Farm to settle into our guest house for the next four nights.

Day 2:  Walking the Labyrinth and traditional Harp music
Morning of R&R upon the land followed by Lunch and an afternoon of stories, Walking the Labyrinth, Bardic tradition, songs and enchanting harps with Celtic Bard John Wilmot and harpist extraordinaire, Clare.

Day 3: Carrowmore, Triple Goddess Stone Circles, the Glen and Seaweed baths in the evening
This morning we start our day at Carrowmore, which has the greatest concentration of megalithic sites in Europe, some as old as 5,400 BC with over 30 passage cairns.
Visiting the three Stone Circles, dedicated to the Maiden, Mother and the Crone. We will take time to pay homage to these aspects within ourselves.
Lunch and then on to the Glen as we prepare to move forward again from our place of betwixt and between.
We conclude our day by immersing ourselves in the Seaweed baths by the Atlantic Sea in Strandhill.

Day 4: Magical Mystery day with evening Bealtaine Fire
Attunements during the day and in the evening having a Bealtaine Fire ceremony.

Day 5: Carrowkeel and Doonaveeragh Neolithic Village
Visiting the Pinnacles, as these cairns are known locally.  Excavation has shown that these cairns were in use approx 5000 years ago. One cairn has a ‘light box’ similar to Newgrange in County Meath. This cairn is focused on the summer solstice and another cairn connects to Samhain. We will hold ceremony as we move within. We then travel upland to An Creagán, Country Tyrone, Northern Ireland to settle in our place of stay for the next three nights.

Day 6: Beaghmore Stone Circles
Today we visit an amazing complex of 7 Stones Circles within one field at Beaghmore.  The complex of stone circles was found while the farmer was digging the bog in the 1940’s and again in the 1960’s. It is thought that there are even more sites deeper within the earth here. At Beaghmore, we have three sets of two circles and then one, which stands alone. Upon journeying within it I was given the name ‘Dragon’s teeth’ for the seventh circle and you will soon see why. This is a very formidable place to journey within. Truly a place of deep transition and connectedness.

Day 7: Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle & late afternoon and evening free time in Belfast city
We cannot visit the North without visiting the Giant’s Causeway, called ‘One of the eight wonders of the world’, which lies at the foot of the cliffs along the sea coast on the edge of the Antrim plateau in Northern Ireland. It is made up of some 40,000 massive black basalt (crystal) columns sticking out of the sea. Geological studies of these formations show that this striking landscape was caused by volcanic activity some 50–60 million years ago.

Legend says that Finn was going about his business when a giant in nearby Scotland began to shout insults and hurl abuse from across the channel. This argument went on for many days. One day, while they were shouting at each other over the Sea of Moyle, Finn took a clump of earth and flung it at the giant. As the arguments continued, Finn decided to build the Causeway in order to make it easy for the giant to come and fight him. After so much hard work, Finn was exhausted and he fell asleep.  Oonagh, Finn’s first wife, heard the sound of thunderous footsteps and she knew it was the giant come to fight Finn.  Oonagh wrapped a blanket around Finn and stuck a bonnet on his head.
“Where’s Finn?” roared the giant. “Shusha, shusha”, whispered Oonagh – “You’ll wake the wee one!” The giant looked at the snoring Finn. His jaw dropped. If the child was that hefty, what size would the father be? The giant ran like the wind, destroying part of the Causeway in his wake.

In the afternoon, Dunluce Castle and then Belfast.

Day 8: Emhain Macha & Ballykeel
Emhain Macha – the residence of Macha, (a name given to an ancient Earth Goddess) and ancient site of the royal residence of Ulster.  In our stories and myths of the first invasions, each race of people who came to Ireland had a Macha with them. We have different stories to remind us of Macha and we will remember them here. Macha holds the place of the west upon the Celtic Wheel.
Ballykeel Dolmen and surrounding Cairn was only recognized and excavated around 1963 and so has been kept in excellent condition. The huge granite slab lies gently upon the tips of three large stones.

Day 9: Festival of the Fires at Uisneach
Joining in the Ancient Celebrations on the Great Hill of Uisneach, where the Sacred Fire was held for thousands of years. From here runners would carry the fire out onto the land on Bealtaine Eve and, it is said, that all the fires in Ireland were lit from the one flame by the night of Bealtaine. This Ancient celebration has now been re-introduced upon the sacred Centre (Soul) of Eire.

Day 10: Drop off at Dublin airport
A sad farewell to our much loved Sisters – till we meet again!

THIS TOUR INCLUDES: 2 lunches and 6 of the dinners; all accommodation, seaweed baths and entrance fees; transport and drop-off at Dublin airport on the 6th May.
Pick up from Shannon or Kerry airport will be organized once we know when you are arriving.

NOT INCLUDED:  Not included is flights and personal insurance.

***Note – each tour is unique and our next Sacred Goddess Tour may or may not include the sites above.

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