Way of the Seabhean

Location:  Ireland, USA, Canada, and England
Length: 2 days
Schedule:  ongoing
Investment:  please contact for information
Note: for Women only

The Seabhean is SHE who crosses the path between the worlds. She holds the presence and inner-seeing of the Shaman and the wisdom of the Cailleach (old Woman).

The Shamanic tradition goes back over many thousands of years. Each clan or grouping of people held in reverence the Shamanic Way. This Way allows a person to Journey into these worlds for healing, for answers, for visions, which brings a sense of continuity, wholeness and integration for self and for the clan.

The Cailleach holds sacred the Mysteries/Rites of Passage for women and for the clan. She reminds us of who we are and the sacredness of passing on our tradition. Re-weaving, Re-membering, Re-trieving allows us to Re-claim our Passion and our Power.

Explanation of the ‘Seabhean:

The three worlds, Lower, Middle and Upper.

Journeying with your allies and ancestral teachers.

Connecting with our Ancient Goddesses upon the ancient Wheel of the Sun.

Using Drumming, rattle, dance, chants and sound.

The beat of our hearts is the pulse of our Mother Earth

Calling us to be ourselves. To walk in our Beauty…

(Please bring a scarf and blanket and also a drum or rattle if you have them)

The Way of the Seabhean is an introductory workshop.

Ongoing courses would include:

The Celtic Wheel

Death, Shamanic Death and Spiritual Midwifery

Goddess Workshops

Women’s Mysteries

Begin Your Goddess Journey…

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