Goddess Workshops

Wakening Woman’s power:  Using the archetypes of the Celtic and pre-Celtic Goddesses we journey together in bringing forth, in a safe and nurturing environment, those aspects of ourselves as Women – as WOMAN. We unfold ourselves to allow the maiden, the mother, the crone and the wild woman to emerge; bringing integration and trust of our own inner calling. Recognising ourselves as wondrous Goddesses of delight, passion and wholeness. We will work with the Myths of our land and ‘re-call’ Bridget, Eiru, Aine, Mabd, Tailtiu, Macha and Tlachtga to name but a few. Allowing ourselves to embrace the Callaugh as that which we grow towards, just as we are now held in the arms of Anu, our great Mother Goddess.

Our myths and legends tell of women of Power – Goddesses – who enriched our lives, held us, fed us, sang to us and fought for us. These great women show us the many faces we carry and that which we hold in our memories; – lives of freedom, lives of passion, lives of creativity and respect; for ourselves, for others and for Nature Herself. As this land changed and grew with each coming people so too the faces of Her changed and slowly became hidden. Yet within the land, as within us all, aspects of wholeness reside – just waiting to be acknowledged and expressed. We owe it to ourselves as to those Great Ones to honour all Faces of Woman and allow the Serpent of Knowledge and Wisdom to arise again:

These workshops can be singular or in a series
Some Examples are:

Women’s Eight-Fold Wheel

The Arcane Teachings of Tarot

Native American Shield making

Begin Your Goddess Journey…

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