Death, Shamanic Death & Spiritual Midwifery

Location:  Ireland
Length:  4 day Intensive Workshop
Schedule:  TBA

From the moment we are born we are moving on a journey towards death. It is a journey of the Soul in Flight.

This journey leads us, through all that we need to grow – to become a Soul integrated personality.

This journey also allows us the opportunity to release all that we hold before we pass on to the next realm.

Shamanic Death is Spiritual Re-birth. It is when we are either called unto or experience Shamanic Death in such a way, that we recognize we are a natural part of the ever cyclical pattern of birth, death and rebirth.

This pattern is reflected in our ability to be open to new experiences and happenings and to releasing the outdated and outmoded patterns we have previously been holding on to.

Shamanic Death opens us to the realm of Spirit – allowing us to embrace death as an ally therefore allowing us the opportunity to live more fully each day .

One of the most important roles in Shamanism is Spiritual Midwifery.

Assisting others when, or after, they are in the process/transition of moving from this realm to the next.

Recognizing this deep Rite of Passage as one, wherein the individual, be it yourself or another, has the opportunity in preparing, clearing and releasing on all the levels, as in birth.

We become the ‘Conductor of Souls’.

In this 4-Day Intensive we will look to preparing ourselves and creating a spirit bridge between the worlds. Building our spirit-boat and Rath.

Recognizing what we are holding onto and traveling into the inner realms to integrate and release.

Opening to the Guardian of between the worlds.

Facing and embracing our shadow self.

Soul Retrieval.

Midwifing ourselves into Being.

Begin Your Goddess Journey…

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