Dare to Dream

Location:  Ireland, England, USA
Length: 1 day Workshop
Schedule:  TBA
Investment:  TBA

This time in our story is a time of momentous change. A time when we, as conscious human Beings, can take responsibility for not only what we create for ourselves but for what kind of a world we wish to live in.

We have taken the first step, a huge one, and now we need to find our own dream again, a dream we can live and breathe, sleep and sing, knowing that birth is so often painful and difficulties can arise. BUT you are not alone. Together we can dream the dream of the earth and sky, of harmony and balance, of your dream and of mine.

Let us midwife the earth’s dream – our dream and hold it through the birthing period.

In this workshop we will use tools needed to find our dreams and re-member again how to create in fulfillment.

Bring a blanket and a willingness to move forward!

Begin Your Goddess Journey…

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