Carrying the Chalice

As womyn we have the ability to hold the chalice of grace, the fire of passion and the wisdom of power. Now we need to integrate these aspects of ourselves in the beauty and fullness of our natures.

In this workshop we will be processing and merging all that we were and are, in the wonder of our totality. Our lives, as we know them, no longer define us. We are greater than the sum.   We now need to live that, to breathe that.

To live in a space of grace and passion with all that was, is and will be. We will, in the workshop,  be:

  • balancing our chakras and activating our light bodies
  • clearing ancestral patterns
  • connecting with the presence of ‘the Grandmothers’, the ‘keepers of the lore’
  • owning our place and space of beauty and power
  • connecting with our  pre-Celtic Goddess archetypes
  • connecting with our totems and Angelics
  • bringing our bodies into the presence of one
  • creating what we choose to leave for our daughters, our nieces, for all womyn yet to be

The chaos that is all around us is pushing on every level, to break down structures that no longer support the enhancement of humanity and the unfolding of consciousness within the individual.  Breaking through this, we need to hold to the presence of light, truth, and the realization that we can bring forth all that is needed by our focus and intention as well as by our acts of beauty and clarity.

We carry within us the seeds of tomorrow.

Begin Your Goddess Journey…

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