Birthing the New – 5th Dimensional Workshop

As we move forward, we recognize that not only is our planet dying and preparing for re-birth, society at large is experiencing this also. All of our structures are breaking up and down – allowing for that which is not supporting/feeding us, to die also.

Within this release, we can, in full consciousness, choose what and how we grow, from within, to move forward.

We cannot expect our political and business leaders to find the appropriate answers if we ourselves, are not attuned to what is Right and Light within us.

We, as conscious Soul impregnated human Beings are the answer to all of our and the planet’s needs

We need to now give Birth to our Soul Self. To bring into this reality, our 5th dimensional bodies, allowing integration within the framework of all the realities so we become ‘At One’ – the place of the  I AM.

To do this we need to move through all that we hold and embrace the sweetness of our Light Beings.

To recognise our role and place within the Divine Plan.

To Be all We Are Meant To Be.

In this workshop our focus will be preparation so we may move into all that we are meant to be.

The Multiverse sings to us. The sound has gone forth and we hear the answer resounding from within.

Begin Your Goddess Journey…

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