Ancient Irish Shamanism

For healing. For answers. For visions.

The Ancient Irish Shamanic tradition goes back over many thousands of years. Each clan or grouping of people held in reverence the Shamanic Way. This Way allows a person to walk between the worlds, recognizing the interconnectedness between all living forces both seen and unseen. Journeying into these worlds for healing, for answers, for visions, brings a sense of continuity, wholeness and integration for self and for the clan.

Introductory Workshop

We start with an introduction to the Ancient Way and through the workshops we will explore and travel the three worlds – The lower world, our roots – our place of power; the middle world, our trunk – our place of being; the upper world, our shoots – our place of spirit. We will be journeying with our totems, allies and ancestral teachers. Understanding the ancient Wheel of the Sun. Connecting with the Stone people and the Shinning Ones. Hearing the call of the earth and Her nature. We will be drumming, rattling, dancing, chanting and Soul calling.

Working within the ‘underworld’, our place of power, our roots

We will be meeting our Ancestral teachers and Totems. We will follow ancient pathways to release family issues and personal blocks of that which has not been released from our foremothers and forefathers and are contained within our DNA, within our bones and blood and we will see how this plays itself out in all our realities. We literally do ‘walk on the bones of our ancestors’. We will work with nature, with sound and with movement; gathering our fragments together. We will drum, express and gain inspiration from this work

Continuing our ‘Journey’ into the Lower World

Using sound, movement and ritual we will invoke that, which inhibits our growth, thereby allowing ourselves the opportunity to DREAM TRUE. We will begin to journey for ourselves and for others. Working through Dreamtime and illusion and ‘remembering’ how to use our energy wisely. We will trance dance with our totems

Moving from Shadow into Light

Moving from the Lower World to the Middle World Before we leave the Lower World we bring into balance that which we have released. Meeting with our Power Animals and middle-world Teachers. Opening us to the elemental nature beings of fire, earth, air and water. Connecting with our Tree relations. We will look to communing and journey with these. Working with the myths and ancient Ones of our land. Working with Soul retrieval and Cutting the Ties for both others and ourselves. Taking the steps to consciously commit to living in all of our nature.

For those who choose to journey on, there will be continuing workshops on various aspects of Shamanism.

For More Information:

Title: Ancient Irish Shamanism
Location: Ireland, England, USA
Length: Varies
Schedule: ongoing – please contact for information

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