Walking the Spiral

In our Irish tradition we walk a Spiral from birth to death/rebirth. Upon this Spiral of Life we encounter people and situations that help us to grow and become Soul-intergrated personalities. In understanding, walking and experiencing the Spiral path, we release, we open and we grow within accordingly; allowing ourselves the opportunity to create and recognize our realities.

This is a deeply transformative and evocative workshop where we access the programs/pointers we as Souls have created, to guide us along the way upon our life’s path.

We use sacred objects to direct us. We learn how to cleanse and activate our power objects. We journey with our power objects. We will learn how to use them for attuning, for healing, for accessing information and for recognising where we are upon the path and what we need to hear at specific and significant times in our life. Our sacred objects can become divination tools for us.

Therefore, I would ask you to bring 7 objects you might have collected over time. e.g. stones, shells, crystals, medallions, seeds, animal claws/teeth/fur, tree bark – anything with a symbolic meaning for you. These objects should not be too large because as many as 7 objects could be placed inside one crane/medicine bag.

Please bring material to make your bag or pouch.

Begin Your Goddess Journey…

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