Private Sessions

Amantha offers a variety of private works which can be performed either remotely or on site.

Shamanic Healing Session

Begin by talking together as Amantha connects with your energy fields. Amantha will then work with you on ‘Cutting-the-Ties’ to patterns – ones you have cultivated in life, as well as ancestral patterns your soul has agreed to work through in this life that no longer feed you. Amantha will also work on “Retrieving Soul Loss’. Soul Losses are experiences you have lived through that have taken energy from you. Amantha examines the part of you that is still held in that experience and assists you in the healing process.  Personal information, totems and past-lives sometimes come into these sessions as well.

Session Price

$30000/2-3 hour session

Session Price


Personal Absent Healing with Photos

To perform an Absent Healing, Amantha holds a photo of you and works with the energy bodies around you. Sometimes this entails ‘dreaming’ into your energy bodies to release what is being held.  This work is done remotely: You and Amantha agree on a time when you will sit or lie down where you are and Amantha will do the work from her location.

Note: ***I always need a person’s permission to do this work, unless the person is unconscious, dying or it is a young child; in that case I first ask permission of their higher self before I begin the process.***

Price negotiated according to need.

Esoteric Astrology with Natal Chart

Your birth chart is your soul’s contract in this life, a blueprint of your works and desires. In Esoteric Astrology, Amantha draws up your birth chart in order to determine what your soul has chosen to work with, as well as the difficulties you are looking to evolve through. The interpretation is intensive and produces information to be used throughout one’s life.

Knowing what your soul has chosen is like putting up a sail in your boat of life, wherein the planetary influences are the winds that drive it.  Once you understand your contracts you are able to direct the boat rather than letting the winds blow you one way and another.

Session Price

$30000/3-4 hour session

Session Price

$15000/90min-2hour session


The transits are your yearly forecasts.  They show what is happening for you right now and how to ‘hear’ what your soul is urging you toward.

Trance Mediumship

In-person and remote sessions available.

During Trance Mediumship, Amantha’s Higher Self, ‘The Lady’, takes over and talks to you through Amantha. Amantha has virtually no memory of what is transmitted and shared. She has been doing this type of trance work since 1974 for individuals and groups. Amantha’s Higher Self will talk to you and then answer your questions. Sessions can be audio-recorded so you may focus upon the information without concern for transcribing. These sessions are specifically for those upon the Path consciously and for those whose souls are in need of deeper guidance.

Session Price

$20000/1-2hour session