Discover ancient Celtic Ireland.

Amantha regularly organizes tours of Ireland for mixed groups and ‘women only’ groups of many sizes, ranging from 2-43 people, based on what the group’s focus and intention will be. Tours visit ancient Celtic sites, sites of spiritual and earthly significance, and are designed to expand your notion of Ireland as a land of ancient mystery and wonder.

Amantha organizes the accommodation, inland travel, food  entrance fees, etc.

How did the Pilgrimage with Amantha Murphy change my life?

Quite simply: after 17 years of study and practice of ancient and modern sacred teachings, my pilgrimage with Amantha Murphy was my coming-of-age as a Wise Woman, my coming-into-my-power as a Teacher. Finally, I no longer compare myself to others. Finally, I am confident—in myself and my work. As a result, my work has become more powerful. I am manifesting what I prefer with more ease. Each day, I wake knowing that the power of the ancient ones is with me. My passion and purpose is to fuel the flame of that sacred power in other women.

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