In many Celtic myths there is a quest…

This quest draws us to journey, like Bran, to find the magical land, Tir na nOg, the Isle of Apples or the Grail, the life, light and answers to our deepest needs; once on that journey, we cannot go back but only ever onwards – hearing the call, the Song of the Soul.

Celtic Soul Journeys looks to facilitate and hold a space of safety, a gently rocking boat for your inward voyage – your Imramma – of discovery and joy. Unite with your soul’s intention and expression, and live in the unity and passion of your essential nature.

Celtic Soul Journeys offers a selection of inward and outward journeys to attune your soul.

Amantha’s workshops are designed to help you reclaim your power as a woman and/or as a Soul journeying this Earth, to recognize your role within the Divine Plan, and to understand the movements of the Universe and how they affect our lives and our place in the world. Additionally, Amantha offers a variety of workshops to introduce you to the world of Celtic Shamanism, to allow you to walk between the worlds, recognizing the interconnectedness between all living forces both seen and unseen.

Please, explore Amantha’s workshops below to decide which offering is best for you.

Begin Your Goddess Journey…

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